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The vital transition between cleansing and treatment, toning should be a part of your daily regimen.  Better Botanicals Juniper Balancing Mist and Rose Tulsi Hydrating Mist stimulate the blood supply thereby rehabilitating capillaries, and revitalizing your skin without dehydrating.  Our alcohol-free mists were created to do more than remove traces of cleanser and debris.  They do more than protect.  Containing botanicals, cosmeceuticals and high concentrations of active ingredients, they are therapeutic and designed to correct and restore the skin to its proper ph balance.


After thoroughly cleansing the face, toners are the next important step in what should be a simple routine.  Toning should precede moisturizing but one can use Better Botanicals Juniper Balancing Mist and Rose Tulsi Hydrating Mist throughout the day as a spritzer to the face and body. Transitional breakouts may indicate the skin is clearing itself of imbalances caused by past use of synthetics.


Applying Better Botanicals toners provides a supplemental cleansing and facial rinse, and floods the open pores with pure botanical extracts selected to benefit a specific skin condition. They refresh and improve skin’s ability to eliminate toxins while stimulating its own natural moisturizing processes.


Toning with Better Botanicals mists removes product residue, excess oil, and reduces enlarged pores without leaving skin feeling parched or tight.  Regular hydration is one of the most important things you can do for your skin, since dehydrated skin tightens, restricting its ability to breathe out waste material, causing clogged pores and blemishes


Better Botanicals Juniper Balancing Mist and Rose Tulsi Hydrating Mist

  are alcohol free and rich in Vitamin C and other phytonutrients which help clarify and refine the skin, reduce large pores, stabilize ph balance, and keep complexions blemish free.

Toners also help prepare the skin to receive subsequent treatments in a care program.  Depending on the toner, they tone, firm, refine, bind moisture, and control oiliness.

Written by Patricia Tedeschi — December 18, 2013

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