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Pumpkin has many health benefits for our pets – not pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie filling - but healthy, simple pumpkin.  Sweet Potato works, too.

Pumpkin creates a feeling of fullness and can enhance weight loss.  Even more importantly, for older cats and dogs who are suffering from constipation, pumpkin and sweet potato can be a life saver, or at the very least, make them more comfortable.  It worked for my cat, Maizy, and now I am working on the other 3 cats and our border collie.

Pumpkin can add a healthy punch of moisture to any cat or dog diet, and is especially healthy for animals who consume dehydrated kibble.

Adding pumpkin to each meal or serving separately as a snack (that I would love to see!) can promote your pet’s improved state of hydration.

Save the Pumpkin Spice Latter for yourself.

Written by Patricia Tedeschi — September 26, 2013

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