Better Botanicals

Better Botanicals’ philosophy is to infuse nature’s healing qualities into each preparation to help stimulate the skin’s natural ability to find its way back to balanced health. The pure botanicals in our products are time tested as safe and effective to enhance your health and beauty.  We are committed to providing clean, natural, and simple products without dangerous additives and preservatives which may have unknown health and environmental consequences!

Our credo is - Care, not Camouflage
Many product lines claim to be natural or herbal, but use small amounts of chemicals as their active ingredients.  Always look at the ingredient list! With Better Botanicals, the herbs are the only active ingredients and are selected based on efficacy. The botanicals we use are also the only source of color and fragrance.  We never add artificial scents or colors.
Better Botanicals Founder Patricia Tedeschi

"As owner of Better Botanicals, I have been passionate about skin care for as long as I can remember. As a spa owner and a yoga practitioner, I have seen firsthand how effective natural products can be. 

Better Botanicals offers an honest approach to skin care that is simple and holistic - using only the finest botanical ingredients and essential oils available. Enjoy Better Botanicals and see the improvement in your skin, body, and hair. Remember that life is all about balance. 

This is the commitment I give to you - ingredients synergistically blended to promote a balanced life."


Patricia,  Owner of Better Botanicals

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